Travel Guide Akyarlar, Bodrum, Turkey

akyarlar bodrum

The cove of Akyarlar is in 22 kilometres from the centre of Bodrum. It stretches between Akyarlar and Koca Points, one and a half kilometres to the east. Akyarlar Point is the eastern end of the Bodrum Peninsula, where slices of white rocks form ravines.

This is the closest point to the Greek island of Cos. The distance is only five kilometres. Akyarlar, which is located on the eastern shore of the cove, used to be a village of fishermen and sponge divers. Now it has become a popular tourism resort in Turkey.

Once you get to the waterfront there is the fisherman’s cottage on the right and restaurants in the centre and the moon shaped beach on the left. It is one of the more popular resorts with windsurfing experts. The strong winds that come from above on the hills mostly blow from the land towards the sea.

Those who find its beach too crowded can choose move on to the village of Kemer further up. The Huseyin Point Lighthouse was built by the French in 1931. The area below the lighthouse is the sandy beach is called ‘Kum Hamami’ the Sand Bath.