Ancient Settlements on the Bodrum Peninsula

Besides the ancient city of Halicarnassos there are 12 other ancient settlements on the Bodrum peninsula. These cities are Pedasa, Telmossos (Gurece), Termera and the Castle of Aspat, Musgebi (Ortakent), the old and new Myndos, Uranion, Madnasa, Sibda, New Karyanda, Syangela, Theangela, Kindye, Old Karyanda and Bargylia.

A large proportion of these are Leleg settlements. During the reign of the Halicarnassos King Mausolus II the citizens of six of these cities were forced to migrate to Halicarnassos while those of Myndos and Syangela were moved to other places and the cities rebuilt in the Hellenistic style.

Thus, instead of the having a scattered and weak population, Halicarnassos was made stronger and prosperous. Barring the ancient city of Bargylia, most of what remains from these settlements are parts of walls and towers.

The settlements are generally on hills and mountains. A visit to one or all is recommended to those interested in Archaeology and for those who want to discover nature by walking.

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