Travel Guide Bitez Bodrum

Bitez Bay, The Best Place For Surfing in Bodrum Peninsula

After Gumbet comes Bitez, a long sand beach in form of a crescent moon that forms the east side of the bay. The beach direction west on the other hand is beautiful and also for children ideal because it goes flatly into the sea. Beach and sea are very clean , Also the streets are maintained.

Because the main street passes behind the hotels, pension and restaurant, that surround the beach, the place offers a further advantage for families with children. For that, who travel with the car, there is however no reason to the concern, lots of parking are sufficiently available. Bitez is in the environment of the Bodrum Peninsula, even in the ‘Turkey’, the best place for surfing.

Englishmen discovered this already years ago and established surf schools at the bay. So one can take Sailing surf instruction in Sun Word. Parasol and deck chairs, finds at every place of the coast of Bitez, they are cost-free.

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