Food and Drink in Bodrum Peninsula


Turkish cuisine is renowned as one of the world’s best. It draws its influences from all corners of the former Ottoman Empire, and each region has its own specialities. Turkey is self-sufficient in food production and produces enough surplus for export as well. This means that Turkish food is usually-made from fresh, local ingredients and is all the tastier for it. A main meal will usually start with the meze, a variety of small cold and hot dishes which are made for sharing.

In many restaurants a waiter will bring these round on a tray for you to inspect and make your choice. Turks are also fond of stews or what they term sulu yemek (food with sauce) and there are restaurants which specialise in these and will usually have large containers of the different varieties on display. In any case, it is common for a Turk to have a look at the food being prepared in the kitchen before deciding on what to eat, so if you are not sure, don’t feel shy about asking.