Bodrum Peninsula Geography

Bodrum Peninsula is situated on the southwest coast of Turkey, in the eastern Aegean cost. The Peninsula extends 42 km in the E-W direction and 6km – 23.8 km in the N-S direction between the bays of Gulluk and Gokova.

Covering an area of 649 km2 its highest elevation is measured as 690 m. The Bodrum Peninsula is surrounded by 32 islands and islets and forms a 174 km long coastline.

Villages on the north coast were more successful with fishing. The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula suits holidaymakers interested in a subdued and relaxing atmosphere.

Enchanting villages, with guest-houses and small hotels on quiet bays of the peninsula. To the south, tangerine orchards and olive groves are now giving way to popular tourist developments.

Every settlement had its own boatyard, reminiscent of the days when people built their own vessels in their orchards.

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