Travel Guide Golturkbuku,Bodrum,Turkey

Golturkbuku: Usualy Called The “small paradise”
Quality has its price also in Turkey and with Golturkbuku, you removed the exquisite example of high-value tourism in the southern part of the Aegean, only 20 kilometers of Bodrum. They find here in that you take of Bodrum out of one both country roads into the northern part of the Peninsula. That one the place today with the Automobile do not reach can be obvious.

Yet 20 years ago the fisherman village was attainable only over the water way. What idyll must have ruled here at that time! If you go around here, you can meet famousnesses from television, film and other artist circles. They often come here, some have a holiday house into Golturkbuku. Turkbuku, 20 km far away from Bodrum, is a place of refuge for all those, which want to spend calm holidays or a calm day far away from the people masses and the noise in Bodrum.

The coastal road is closed over the summer for traffic. The landing bars made of wood, which extend in the sea, are used by hotels and Restautants, so that one can go all day long into the sea or take a sun bath. With dusk beginning these bars are re-designed to restaurants and bars. Set up on them tables and chairs will become, candles and fires in giant barrels, which stand on the sand beach, ignited. Generally well-known faces take their place at the tables and the service begin.

Different sorts fish, which freshly comes from the Fischzuchten of the environment, will are opened on the grill put and the Raki bottles. Those, which want to let the night persist, open themselves against midnight and take the way after Bodrum.

In the open sea off Turkbuku there is Badem ‘Almond’ Island. Those who take a walk in the hills of Turkbuku will come across the ruins of the historic city of Masanda. Amid the stones, piles of bricks, two towers, the ruins of houses, cisterns, and tombs attracts one’s attention.

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