Travel Guide Gulluk,Milas,Bodrum

gulluk milas

The Gulf of Gulluk, and harbour of the same name, lie north of the Bodrum peninsula on the Aegean coast. A 8-km-long street which puts on one side Milas Bodrum to the right from the country road will lead you to Gulluk. Is too overcrowded to you Bodrum, here you can spend quiet holidays and profit, nevertheless, from the obvious Bodrum. Nowadays Gulluk is still a quiet ‘calm’ place, but also you became certainly a witness of it, ‘discovers ‘finds out’ like remote, peaceful places suddenly and with holiday apartments zugebaut became, so that they were not to be recognised after a few years.

If we wait ‘watch for’, we will see what happens. Gulluk is a small ‘little’ port. From the harbour ‘port’ the bauxite which is promoted in the surroundings ‘area’ is exported. Anyway you will see on the way to Gulluk the trucks which transport bauxite. Gulluk could preserve with his coastal fishermen who have sat down in the gulf ‘golf’ of Mandalya and in the bay Asin and with his ‘its’ cafes and restaurants the atmosphere ‘ambience’ of a pretty fishing village. The hotels and houses ‘homes’ which are on the hills which rise ‘build up’ from the coast have any time look ‘glance’ at the sea.

With a fishing net fastened ‘fixed’ to posts in the north of the city ‘town’ and in the sea tasty fish of the most different kind ‘way’ are caught. Sit down in one of the restaurants on the coast and order ‘appoint’ the delightful eel. The Turkish name of the eel is ‘reads’ ‘Yilan baligi’ ‘queue fish’, but you cannot be deterred ‘be scared off’ by it, he is superior. In most bays of the surroundings ‘area’ fish cultures are put on ‘invested’.

Also there is in Gulluk, as well as in the neighbouring town Bodrum, shipyards in which the boats typical for the region ‘area’ Gulet are built. Indeed, the sight of the shipyards is nice, but about the sight which the towed small boats in the harbour ‘port’ offer to say the same is heavy.

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