Travel Guide Gumbet,Bodrum,Turkey

Gumbet Bay: Sun, Beach, Action And Nightlife

Gumbet is a small touristic village with numerous hotels, located 4 kilometers west of Bodrum, 5 to 15 of minutes by minibus. After Bodrum, Gumbet become Most Popular Holiday place in Peninsula, in the high season the place is overflowed strongly. The amount of the bars and restaurants, Gumbet increased quickly and it becomes almost a competition Bodrum’s nightlife.

For sail, water-ski and surfer, Gumbet Bay is considered by many people to be among the finest sea-sports facilities in the Bodrum Peninsula.In the Gumbet bay, the sea fells slowly off and with a long sand beach, Gumbet is prefered by families with children.

With the increasing numbers of visitors and hotels, Gumbet became one amusement line that meanwhile one alternative to Bodrum. With the twilight, the bars, cafes and restaurants at the coast, Gumbet fill themselves each type of amusement animates place.

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