Travel Guide Gumusluk Village,Bodrum,Turkey

The classical site of Myndus is situated at gumusluk. On the other hand, this was not the site of Lelegian city. Myndus was one of the eight major cities on the Peninsula, established It is suggested that old Myndus was located in the south east of present site of gumusluk on the hill now called Bozdag.

It was during the Mausolos’ time, new Myndus was established at the present site near the modern village called gumusluk. Since the population of many Lelegian cities had been moved to Halicarnasos to populate the new capital of Caria, it was difficult to populate the city.

It is mentioned that once philosopher Diogenes visited the city, he warned the citizens about the their big gates. He advised them to close their doors to prevent their city from running away. Alexander attempt to capture Myndus was not so successful.

while he laid a siege to Halikarnassos, he went to inspect the fortifications of Myndos to find out whether it was an easy target or not. Alexander thought the capture of Myndus would be very useful for the capture of Halicarnasos. He was even encouraged by some Mydians who advised him to approach the city night time. Hoping he would capture the city with the help of Mydians, Alexander did not bring his catapults or attack stairs towers.

He even ordered his soldiers to dig under of of the main towers. But the collapse of the tower did not weaken the walls. Since the people of Mydos fought gallantly and they got some help from Halicarnasus, Alexander stopped his siege and attacked Halicarnasus with all his forces.

Persians defended the city nearly a year till the murder of Orontobates, Persian satrap. After the campaign of Alexander, Myndus passed into hands of Ptolemies of Egypt then to Rhodians who interfered as the allies of Ptolemies to protect these cities from Antiochus, the king of Syria.

Rhodian granted freedom to people of Mydus. After the murder of Caesar, Cassius, one of the murderers of Caesar kept his fleet at Myndus harbor. The city was punished by Mark Anthony who handed it over to Rhodians. But soon it was permitted return its former state because of harsh and strict rule of Rhodians.

Myndus did not play an important role during the Roman Imperial times. The silver mines which were active during the more recent times are not mentioned by the ancient sources. One of the major products of Myndus was cheap wine produced during the ancient times. It was poor quality wine and was mixed with the sea water. Unfortunately, there is not much left from the ancient Myndus.

Visitors enjoy its magnificent sheltered harbor protected from prevailing wing, meltem. City walls can still be seen easily especially on the south east side, the weakest point, strengthened by the frequent towers. The wall, which reaches the thickness of 9 feet, is built with green granite, similar to the one used for the Mausoleum in Halicarnasos. The green granite was extracted at Koyunbaba district, two miles north of Myndus. Although most of the city’s monuments disappeared, visitors still see the ruins of a basilica, tower and church. The monuments mentioned by the ancient writers who visited the region in the 18th century are not visible any more.

Here are still a number of reminders of the area’s historical past with the stadium, theater and walls surviving from ancient Myndos and a Byzantine church today restored as a cultural center. On top of the hill is the remains of Kadikalesi ‘Kadi Castle’, a Hellenistic fortification, together with a Roman church and cistern. Thanks to strict building prohibitions, the sea front has kept its original appearance and beautiuful fishing village charm.

Many excellent fish restaurants along the small waterfront attract great number of people to gumusluk, where you can sit comfortably and enjoy splendid sestets. The village of gumusluk which is protected against modern developments thanks to its proximity to ancient Myndos, takes its name from the nearby mountain. The local Rabbit Island can be reached by a short walk through the sea while its protected harbor makes gumusluk a favorite place for mooring Gulets.

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