Travel Guide Gundogan,Bodrum,Turkey

Gundogan is 25 kilometres from Bodrum. It is one of the more popular holiday resorts of recent years with its beaches and historic places. Gundogan is a fishermen’s place with its fully sand beach, very clean sea and its greenery. The fishermen’s shelter where the fishing boats and Gulets anchor adds colour to the shore.

In recent years the summer holiday house owners have also moved to this village area. However, thankfully they have not touched the houses surrounded with trees of olive, mandarins, bananas, pomegranates and oak. The old and new settlers have protected the character of the place.

In summer the constant breeze gives refreshment to locals and holidaymakers. Since there is wind those who are into wind surfing also flock here. If it is open, visit the marketplace of Gundogan. Rugs, rush mats and vases are local handcrafts. Moreover, it is cheaper than other parts of the Bodrum Peninsula.

Slightly above the village, in the part where there are rocky and volcanic stones you can see tombs cut into the rock hidden away. The sunsets at Gundogan are extremely pleasant. Those who want to spend the evening here go to fish restaurants by the waterside. There are restaurants and cafes to cater all tastes and pockets.

While you can join a boat tour in Gundogan you can also get to apostle island opposite by boat in 15 minutes. The green nature of the island, the interestingly shaped rocks that surround the island, three Byzantine churches standing on the top of the hill with their frescoes surviving, the ruins of cisterns and priest’s houses are among the visiting points on the island. One should not forget the Peynir Cicegi ‘Cheese Flower’ Cave with its interesting stalactites and stalagmites.

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