Karaada, Black Island, Bodrum

black island

Famous for its healing mineral springs. The water comes out of a cave and the mud from the cave is said to be good for skin condition, Black Island is six kilometres off the coast of Bodrum and a popular destination for daily or night stopover stays by Touring Boats.

Although it is named Kara ‘Black’, contrary to its name the island is in fact green and covered in pine. The cave facing Bodrum on the island is a popular point of call for yachts and Gulets. On the seaside there is a small motel and restaurant. The mud in the cave is known to be good for skin diseases.

Most important it is claimed that Cleopatra made use of this mud to preserve her beauty. Women in particular put this mud on their faces to emulate the Egyptian queen. After the mud pack you enter the thermal waters springing up in the cave and then throw yourself into the blue waters of the sea.

At the back of the island there are many coves and beaches competing in beauty with each other. One and a half kilometres to the to east of Poyraz Port and to the north of Yassi Island is Adali Cove, while one and a half kilometres to east of Tavsan Point stretches cemperci Cove. Both are much visited the boats as the bottom sand and sea is very clean.