The Village of Mazi,Bodrum,Turkey

Mazi is a virgin cove just near Bodrum with extremely clean water. It has not yet been opened up to construction, has a very green character, with monumental trees and stones. You might wonder how it could have stayed untouched in comparison to other coves and yet being so close to Bodrum. The village of Mazi was opened up to tourism 25 years later that elsewhere, after its road was asphalted.

The village on Inceyali’s shore is a heaven for those wanting to sunbathe, to rest in the quiet Aegean waters and begin a seafood diet. The village of Mazi on Gokova shores was built on higher grounds so as to not to be seen by pirates and thus avoid their attacks. The main income of the village comes from Carpet making.

In every house you can see a workbench at which sits a girl rapidly and enthusiastically weaving the Milas style carpets in colours of yellow, cream and brown.

How To Get There?
If you are to go to Mazi in your own vehicle after you pass Gulluk and Milas on the left from Guvercinlik while heading towards Bodrum you see the turn to Mumcular.

Take the turn and enter Mumcular and then turn right where you will see sign for Yeniköy and Yukari Mazi. After you pass these villages the asphalted road going through the pines forest will lead you to the village of Asagi (lower) Mazi. The total driving distance is 31 kilometres.

You get to the Inceyali seaside by heading down after the sign saying Pansiyon (pension). The distance between Mumcular and Asagi Mazi is 20 kilometres. However, the two kilometre asphalted road down from Asagi Mazi to the beach of Inceyali is very winding. It is also possible to get to Mazi by Minibuses that run between Milas and Mazi.

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