Travel Guide Ortakent Yahsi,Bodrum,Turkey

ortakent yahsi bodrum

Ortakent Yahsi Beach: On the The Sand Beach

The place Ortakent, simultaneously district capital, lies were constructed above the main street in the last years along the littoral Ortakent Yahsi beach many new and quality full hotels.

Everyone can find somewhat correspondence. Archeological excavations were carried out a kilometer in the north of Ortakent whereby tone pots, scarves were found and objects out of bronze, that are issued in part in the lower water Museum of Bodrum.

It is well known, that the antique settlements in the zone also in the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman time expanse existence. So is assumed, that an Apollo temple, that stood in the current village cakmali, in which Byzantine epoch was rebuilt to a church and was used as a center of the diocese.

After that it should have been used by the monk director Episkopi, represented stand whose name of the vernaculars as a ‘Musgebi’, On the sand beach, that moves itself kilometer expanse, lovely walks can be undertaken in the morning hours and evening hours. Ortakent is located to the west of Bodrum on the main road

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