Torba Cove,Bodrum

torba bodrum

Torba: The Nearest Bays on the Bodrum Peninsula
The fir-trees stretch here to down to the coast. Even if a fire caused big damage 3 years ago, the green remains further prevailing. Because the north side of the Peninsula is struck by more humid winds, it is greener. On the south side grows against it because it is drier, primarily Macchia.

Torba is a quiet and pleasant place. The einzigste ruins which are received by the history (story) through till this day (so far) are a cloister from 4. 5-th century. Because the bay closely lies, there are on the sea even during the days in which the wind strongly blows no waves. A great holidays village, small hotels full of quality as well as restaurants line up itself along the coast.

This begins at the end of the landing stage for ferries (ferryboats) and ends in the yacht harbour. From the coast one can go comfortably to the sea. Since the sea is not deep and clean. An ideal place for those which want to be on holiday in a quiet, silent atmosphere.

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