Tuzla Cove,Gulluk,Bodrum

tuzla bargilya bodrum

If you leave the main road from Bodrum to Milas and travel four kilometres you get to the village of Bargilya. Bargilya is a nice fishing village on the edge of the Gulf of Gulluk that stretches to Varvil Cove. Modern Bargilya is intertwined with the heritage of thousands of years of civilisation and ruins. The remains of the ancient city of Bargylia are scattered over a large area in and around the village.

You can get here from Gulluk by boat. Varvil Cove and Bargylia are like a well sheltered port. In the ancient city of Bargylia, which was at its peak during the Hellenistic and Roman eras, you can see a Roman temple whose columns and walls are scattered around, an altar with reliefs, a ruins of a stoa that has the bases of columns left, a small piece of the Roman era aqueduct, parts of the city walls and a cemetery.

The Tuzla Kus Cenneti ‘Bird Heaven’ is also near to Bargylia. The most popular birds of the wet lands are the flamingos. In summary, Bargylia is a tourism centre where you can spend at least a day soaking in its history and nature.

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